C7i™ BIM - Next Generation Smart Buildings

Above image is a screenshot from PALAMIR C7i™ BIM

experience a better BIM

C7i™ BIM by PALAMIR is the next generation of Building Information Modeling (BIM). (Above image is an actual screenshot.) C7i™ BIM provides a simple and intuitive human interface for swift visualization of BIM Models. C7i™ BIM is built from the ground up for mobility, ease of operation and ease of understanding. Increase your efficiency and experience a better BIM. 

Imagine DIGITISING the real world. Build digitally in a virtual environment using the latest generation software from PALAMIR which supports the industry’s building information modelling (BIM) and asset lifecycle information management (ALIM) standards and processes.

Unique to C7i™ BIM is the ability to visualise moving traffic, people or other moving assets in real-time together with high accuracy spatial modelling on a global scale in 2D, 3D and 4D (time) awareness.

It is this hybrid environment of C7i™ BIM that sets it apart.

Static and Dynamic data in a single environment.



C7i™ BIM by PALAMIR is a SMART PLATFORM that allows management of Smart Buildings in a single environment, whereby whole of life management can occur.

Make your building smart by using C7i™ BIM by PALAMIR.

Control lighting, HVAC, automation systems, access control and more all within one environment. Understand people flow within a complex building or shopping centre. View BIM plans with all itemised assets and dynamic people flow whilst seeing Key Metrics of the building for NABERS or LEEDS.


Increase your efficiency

With C7i™ BIM architects and engineers can increase their efficiency across teams and disciplines. Easily share a BIM model with the Developer so they can appreciate the complexity of construction or realise that the office space needs adjustment for a better ROI. No longer are you confined to specialised BIM applications. With our specialised it puts you in control of exactly where you want to be. Do you want to be in the bedroom on level 20 or the pool deck on level 30. Simply and swiftly visualise all aspects of your model. Some of C7i™ BIM  features include:  

  • Intuitive Human User Interface Experience

  • Load multiple buildings in a single environment across multiple cities and countries

  • High speed visual analyses

  • Walkthrough capability

  • iSTREAM™  Data Sharing for 

  • Clash Detection

  • Layer control

  • High Level Analytics

  • Asset movement detection and congestion analytics

  • Static and Dynamic data in a single environment

  • Whole of life information management across all phases:

    • Design

    • Construction

    • Operations

    • Maintenance

  • High accuracy geolocation to <10cm error rate on a global scale

  • Open Standards Database compliant

  • APIs (coming soon)

  • Desktop, Tablet and Mobile devices

  • Cloud or on premise


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