Enterprise data is often quite complex and always enormous - so too are the challenges. With PALAMIR Desktop, you can query millions of rows of data in seconds, drag-and-drop to visualize any dataset, and even publish your analysis to meet transparent reporting requirements. Use PALAMIR Desktop to:

  • Present enormous statewide or countrywide datasets clearly;
  • Allow drill-down to local areas with spatial mapping;
  • Connect to the Internet-of-Things (IoT);
  • Connect to the Industrial-Internet-of-Things (IIoT);
  • Itemise and track your iBeacon asset deployment on maps with added data feeds;
  • Mitigating Financial Risk across a range of industry areas;
  • Enable more Efficient Traffic Flow for your transport company;
  • Integrate new and legacy systems efficiently without having to build everything new;
  • Provide interactive, web-based dashboards to C-Suite / E-Suite level and
  • Departmental employees so they can get the data they need instantly.

Talk to us if you are involved in any of the above or something that requires a Deep Data Solution which can span multiple systems and analyse extreme amounts of data from historical to real-time.

We pull together ALL the data that matters to you, including the data you DON'T HAVE.

So if you want to understand your business risk or find that needle in the haystack to solve your industry problem and stay ahead of the pack then contact PALAMIR ...


PALAMIR ... making sense of Big Data