Government data is disparate and in multiple silos. With PALAMIR Desktop, you can query millions of rows of data in seconds, drag-and-drop to visualize any dataset, and even publish your analysis to meet transparent reporting requirements. Use PALAMIR Desktop to:

  • Provide interactive, web-based dashboards to a Minister, their Advisor or Departmental employees so they can get the data they need instantly;
  • Present enormous statewide or countrywide datasets clearly;
  • Allow drill-down to local areas with geospatial mapping;
  • Provide online access to public data without programming;
  • Integrate new and legacy systems efficiently without having to build from new;
  • Use PALAMIR's built-in mapping capability to visualise accident prone areas, pollution, assets, services, heat-map repeating events and more.

Talk to us if you are involved in any of the following or something that requires a Deep Data Solution which can span multiple systems and analyse extreme amounts of data from historical to real-time:

  • Understanding crime rates
  • Mapping Health Issues
  • Integrating e-Health records across State and Federal systems
  • Analysing Economic Instability
  • Behavioural Analysis
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Situational Awareness
  • Traffic Flow

We pull together ALL the data that matters to you, including the data you DON'T HAVE.

So if you want to help make your city or state a more pleasing environment for citizen engagement and safety then contact PALAMIR ...


PALAMIR ... making sense of Big Data