Healthcare costs are known to easily lose control if not managed well. Quality of care can spiral downwards by affected resources . To keep efficiency, quality of care and profitability moving inline in the right direction, it is useful to see all your key healthcare reporting metrics across hospitals, surgeries, laboratories and regions. You need to analyse the data in many different ways and share it with key stakeholders in order to manage your health environment effectively. Use PALAMIR systems to:

  • Understand efficiency by regions, specialties, gender and age;
  • Identify cost and profitability patterns by admission, discharge and specialty;
  • Align patient records across regions;
  • Enable e-Health systems to HL7 standards;
  • Provide a common data backend solution between new software and legacy systems;
  • Provide interactive, web-based dashboards to employees so they can get the data they need instantly.

So if you want to help save lives by monitoring Infectious Disease across borders or help ease the burden within your Hospital then contact PALAMIR. Together with our Health Partners we can help deliver your solution ...


PALAMIR ... making sense of Big Data