Big Data Meetup

The Big Data Landscape

Welcome to the first meetup of 2015! We have some exciting meetups planned over the next few months. First up and to set the scene for future meetups, we're starting from the beginning. We're going to dig past the buzz words and cover:

  • "What is Big Data"
  • "Where does Data Science fit in"
  • "What are the Architectures and Design Patterns that are used to implement Big Data solutions"
  • "How are these design patterns used by the Industry leaders"
  • "What are considerations of Cloud computing"

We are joined by special guest presenters:

  • David Blockow from Data2Decisions (D2D) CRC. D2D CRC are an Australian Government backed, leading provider of Big Data capability in Australia.
  • Professor Ali Babar, Chair of Software Engineering from The University of Adelaide
  • Dr Michael Sheng, Associate Professor from

The University of Adelaide

Networking (nibbles and drinks) commence at 6pm, with the session starting at 6.30pm. Many thanks to the University of Adelaide for hosting us and Palamir for refreshments. Looking forward to seeing you all.


Please RSVP ASAP for this event as spots are limited! -