Business Continuity - Data Protection

Data is your pot of gold

Would you leave your gold outside in the cold for anyone to take or would you secure it properly?

Does your Business Continuity Plan include a strategy for the protection, access and swift reconnection of your data whether it be in house of remote should things go wry?

Data Security and Data Centre failure ranked as the top risks by SMEs in the latest IDC Business Continuity Study.

Data loss can be triggered by all sorts of events from a backhoe hitting a fibre cable to spilling wat on your keyboard. Physical risks to data loss are only part of the equation and now more than ever regulatory, compliance, insurance and audit obligations are now key drivers for data integrity.


4 Steps to protect your data

1. An assessment of your mission critical applications and systems that cover areas such as Customer Relationhsip Management, Income generation and Supply Chain management are a good start.

2. Identify the events that would be disruptive to your business such as weather or an economic crisis.

3. Determine what is your max allowed downtime (dMAX) and your Recovery Time Objective (RTO) are for your critical systems. Is your RTO less than four hours? At what sugar will it really effect not just your daily business management but your actual clients directly?

4. Now you can discuss and design your recovery plan, including alternate Data Storage, IT systems and Access. Onsite systems are speedy but high risk in case of fire or theft as opposed to offsite cloud storage which can be slow or fast dependent on the providers. Cloud storage also needs extra security methods if you are using general cloud systems otherwise you can have your IT Department setup your own private cloud in something like Rackspace, Azure or AmazonAWS.

I suggest a hybrid environment which the can provide you with multiple backup and access scenarios.

Lastly don't just put your plan the drawer, review and amendment it regularly as your business is ever changing and always always backup often!


PALAMIR is here to help

As soon as your data is spread across multiple file formats and systems you need to consider Big Data methodologies from a trusted partner. If you would like to understand how PALAMIR can help you with Big Data consulting and analytics or if you need help with making sense of your data whether its a mammoth amount of PDFs, structured in data or unstructured data assistance, then drop please drop us a line at .


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