Adelaide's path to Smart City - Part I

Recently PALAMIR was interviewed by Thomas Luke of on Adelaide as a Smart City, its challenges and advantages. We will be releasing the full version in parts, here is PART I below:


What would you say makes Adelaide such a strong candidate as a smart city?

Adelaide is the perfect size city. It has a well-defined CBD with a good population size for testing new applications. Local and State Government alignment with making Adelaide a test city will allow Adelaide to respond quickly.


What would you say is unique to Adelaide which allows this?

I believe the current economic climate and the forward thinking Mayor and Premier are key to this opportunity now. Many people are knocking each of them. Seriously, no one is perfect, however at least we are having a go. We need to try. We need to fail. If we don't we won't progress. It is up to Government to remove the red tape, provide some sandpits to play in, give us access to departments and officials who can adapt swiftly and then move aside to allow business to follow through and do what we do best ... innovate.


One of the key parts of a smart city is the usage of technology - how do you see Adelaide utilising this currently as a smart city?

Having been involved in four IT companies to date and with a background in urban environments, I see too many people getting caught up in the latest technological trends, the latest products, the latest services. We are missing the big picture. We need to understand the context, what do we really want? What do residents want and need to make city life more accessible and interesting? What do workers in the city need to make their commute more efficient and their limited lunch hour more pleasurable? Then and only then do we look at what technology is required to help deliver this.