Recently PALAMIR held a "RESILIENT SMART CITY" workshop. I would like to say a HUGE thank you to Tom HajduAndy MilburnStephen DippyAndrew Andrews for assisting in the presentation. I would also like to thank Kym Della-Torres and Daryl Weinert from DTF for organising the opportunity to present andPaul Daly for the use of the Adelaide City Council Smart City Studio.

This recent presentation centred around URBAN RESILIENCE ™ Resilience with supporting presentations on :

  • uNET - a fundamentally different network structure from IP which covers security and governance by Tom Hajdu & Andy Milburn
  • Medical Communications Associates - showcasing Adelaide tech around leading remote pathology testing that can alleviate resources in the health sector by Stephen Dippy, CEO
  • PALAMIR - smart city infrastructure and resilience preparation by Peter Karidis, MD / Founder
  • Facilitated by Andrew Andrews, Change Management Guru and Big Data specialist.

Our presentations and workshops can help you understand how your Business or Department can become RESILIENT and what it means for your business to benefit from being part of a Smart City.

  • Do you know how your Business / Government Department will fit into a Smart city?
  • Is your strategy based on Resilient principles?
  • Can you weather a financial or global economic storm from many aspects?
  • Is your business ready for an impeding future hack or multiple IT failure?
  • Do you have cutting edge security measures in place?
  • Do you have a lot of sensors in the field that collect data that may need secure technology on multiple levels?

We have previously presented topics including Resilience, Smart Cities, Interventions for Vulnerable People, Radicalisation, IoT, Big Data in Health; to Enterprise, Government, National Security, Energy Grid Operators and more in Australia, the UK and Belgium.

If you would like to learn more how your Business or Government Department can benefit from a RESILIENT SMART CITY workshop, please contact us via this link