PALAMIR presenting at "Advancing Smarter Cities: The Planning Imperative" #PIASmartCities @pia_planning @smartcitiesanz

It was a pleasure for PALAMIR to present "Digital Technologies on the Edge of Planning" at the PIA event recently in Adelaide. PALAMIR showcased it Big Data Geospatial system incorprating 2 million point of data from static BIM buildings to multiple planning layers to moving traffic. There was a great gathering and some robust discussions with one in particular in regards to whether planners drive or go along for the drive in regards to city planning.


Date: Wednesday 20 September


While technology companies are developing smart cities tools and technologies at an accelerated pace, planning organisations and cities are still challenged to find effective ways of embracing technology and data analytics to address the public interest and respond to the community’s aspirations. Can technology companies work more closely with cities and planning firms to engage in the rapid pace of technological advancement? Can the voice of the city, and community, be an integral part of technology industries? Are we keeping up with the digital transformation of the planning process?

Learning Outcomes:

Core Competencies: Understanding, interpreting and using spatial thinking, Developing and applying technical knowledge, Communicating and engaging with stakeholders, and Using a creative integrative approach, drawing on a range of disciplines and methods.

This workshop will explore the following key topics:

  • The Real Time City - Planning for the Now, New, and Next
  • Sustainable Urbanism versus Autonomous and Connected Vehicles
  • Prototype Planning by the Tech Sector
  • The City as Lab: Global Smart Cities and Australia's Response
  • The Planners role in Smart Cities

Designed For:

This workshop suits professionals of every type who are interested in exploring future smart cities tools and technologies.


Adam Beck, Founding Executive Director, Smart Cities Council Australia New Zealand

Adam is a Founding Executive Director of Smart Cities Council Australia New Zealand, Cities Advisor to the Green Building Council of Australia, and Director of Centre for Urban Innovation. Adam is also an Ambassador with Portland-based think tank EcoDistricts, where he was previously Director of Innovation.

Before entering the non-profit sector, Adam spent 15 years with global consulting firms, including Arup. He was also lecturer and studio lead in social impact assessment and community engagement at the University of Queensland.

Adam has dedicated his career of more than 20 years to advance city-building practices around the world, through the creation and deployment of frameworks, tools, and protocols that accelerate sustainability.

Speakers include:

  • Chris Isles, Place Design Group
  • Mark Borlace, RAA
  • Jon Kellett, University of Adelaide
  • Christian Haag, Bicycle SA
  • Peter Karidis, PALAMIR Geospatial Big Data
  • Peter Auhl, City of Adelaide
  • Chad King, City of Playford
  • David Cooke, City Collective
  • Stephen Yarwood, City2050
  • Cate Hart, CEO, City of Prospect
  • Clare Mockler, Adelaide City Council
  • Kym Pryde RPIA, President, Planning Institute Australia
  • Donna Ferretti RPIA (Fellow), Donna Ferretti & Associates and Vice President, Planning Instute Australia