Recently PALAMIR was interviewed by Thomas Luke of on Adelaide as a Smart City, its challenges and advantages. We will be releasing the full version in parts, here is PART II below:


Part of Turnbull's report looked at creating and using data about cities in order to improve them. Do you see this happening in Adelaide currently, and if so, how?

There a range of open data sources however a lot of it is old, out of date, not in real-time or not of great use. The data that has more use is the data not being shared by Government and business at present. Many don't even know that they have useful data. Government needs to either develop a sandpit to allow companies be they large enterprises or startups to access the data via safe and secure means. Many a time most startups need the data so they can test their systems but can’t afford to buy it, so Government have the ability to assist and give a leg up. This can occur at both the State and Federal level.


How would you say technological initiatives like the 10 gig city plan will impact Adelaide moving forward? Is there any other disruptive technologies which you feel are particularly noteworthy in Adelaide?

A huge thank you goes to a gentleman named Tom Hajdu who has decided to make Adelaide his home. It is his foresight of seeing first hand similar cities globally that were previously in Adelaide's present economic predicament together with the support of other business people and politicians that has helped Adelaide get on the GIG CITY Map globally. This isn't the answer to everything but it is the Catalyst that engenders confidence for Adelaide to punch above its weight globally. We now need to deliver this solution urgently so businesses can use it to their advantage. There are TWO initiatives not to be mistaken and complementary.

  1. The GIG CITY Initiative allows Adelaide businesses to compete in emerging businesses that use lots of data such as advanced manufacturing, medicine and media. Systems which need a lot of data quickly will be able to benefit. This could include image sharing of cancer images from SAHMRI to Flinders University for an expert panel to review whilst advanced image analytics from a little Adelaide company is running scenarios all this happening in real-time.
  2.  The TEN GIGABIT CITY builds on this initiative and is effectively a private network across Adelaide which is carrier independent. This won't be slowed by undue internet traffic and can provide Adelaide Businesses a very unique broadband experience to collaborate. 

There are many so called disruptive technologies, however that is viewpoint from one side of the fence. It's really how we can do things better. It's how can our innovations as a state help provide better solutions to existing problems. How can we do things better and not the way they always have been because we are told that's what works.


Earlier this year CISCO made Adelaide the first Lighthouse City in the Southern Hemisphere - what does it mean for Adelaide to be awarded in this way? What advantages does this bring?

This aligns with the commitment from government to be a test city and provides Adelaide an opportunity to have a first look at emerging smart applications. The benefit of this will only avail itself if the Adelaide City Council swiftly opens up these Cisco Technologies to local budding entrepreneurs who can make sense of the data and provide some innovative solutions.






Adelaide's path to Smart City - Part I

Recently PALAMIR was interviewed by Thomas Luke of on Adelaide as a Smart City, its challenges and advantages. We will be releasing the full version in parts, here is PART I below:


What would you say makes Adelaide such a strong candidate as a smart city?

Adelaide is the perfect size city. It has a well-defined CBD with a good population size for testing new applications. Local and State Government alignment with making Adelaide a test city will allow Adelaide to respond quickly.


What would you say is unique to Adelaide which allows this?

I believe the current economic climate and the forward thinking Mayor and Premier are key to this opportunity now. Many people are knocking each of them. Seriously, no one is perfect, however at least we are having a go. We need to try. We need to fail. If we don't we won't progress. It is up to Government to remove the red tape, provide some sandpits to play in, give us access to departments and officials who can adapt swiftly and then move aside to allow business to follow through and do what we do best ... innovate.


One of the key parts of a smart city is the usage of technology - how do you see Adelaide utilising this currently as a smart city?

Having been involved in four IT companies to date and with a background in urban environments, I see too many people getting caught up in the latest technological trends, the latest products, the latest services. We are missing the big picture. We need to understand the context, what do we really want? What do residents want and need to make city life more accessible and interesting? What do workers in the city need to make their commute more efficient and their limited lunch hour more pleasurable? Then and only then do we look at what technology is required to help deliver this.




World Cities Summit wrap up, press to read more @WCS_16 #worldsmartcity2016

Escaped a fishbowl. Heard a balanced & humble speech from Singapore's Prime Minister at a private dinner, met up with global mayors, resilience officers, Hitachi head R&D retiring, drank a beer with a London speaker married to Ozi, discussed equity lending with Korean Gov, met Ozi supposed to meet months ago, French guy with New York business, Indian with advanced enviro tech, Dubai Smart City Assistant General, Chinese Property Fund Manager, UN official for housing. Listened to others, be humble, believe in yourself, believe in others & most of all bring all this knowledge back to Adelaide to help make it Resilient.

A great few days. Great people. Great ideas.

That's just part of it.

#WorldCitiesSummit #WorldSmartCitiesForum #SmartCities #ResilientCities #WCS_16

Adelaide needs to grow its Resilience @WCS_16

Whilst at the World Cities Summit it has strengthened the need for Adelaide to become more resilient on the global landscape in key areas such as:

-Health & Wellbeing

-Economy & Society

-Infrastructure & Environment

-Leadership & Strategy

This isn't about technology, it's about how the entire ecosystem survives with shocks. 

Contact PALAMIR if you would like a workshop around resilience as previously delivered to Governments, Councils and International Conferneces.




GigCity Adelaide Leapfrogs the Nation #gigcity @ChattanoogaGig @SmartCityChattanooga

In a bold move the Premier Jay Weatherill announced AU$4.65m funding to enable access to SABRENet for Gigabit speeds. A huge thank you to all those behind the scenes including a Tom Hajdu who has been instrumental in not only making SA his home but also in believing in SA to make this happen.

Back in early 2000 Adelaide held the first 3G Research testbed in the Southern Hemisphere. Today Adelaide is back in the global race and will be the first GigCity in the nation and one of the first outside the US.

In itself is this enough to save Adelaide, no. HOWEVER, this is a major cataylst for change. It is a major catalyst for confidence in the StartUp and Business communities that Adelaide is prepared to back technology to enable its residents to play on a global field. If we can do many things that add up to major changes then we will provide our dreamers, our residents, our children the opportunity to leapfrog and make SA great again.

The Adelaide Gig City has been modelled on the Chattanooga Gig City "A playground for pioneers"  and "Your Gig is Here".


For all the knockers out there ... shutup and get behind SA.

To all the dreamers and doers, use this opportunity wisely and get behind it.

To the Premier and others who have enabled this step change ... thank you.


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