World Cities Summit wrap up, press to read more @WCS_16 #worldsmartcity2016

Escaped a fishbowl. Heard a balanced & humble speech from Singapore's Prime Minister at a private dinner, met up with global mayors, resilience officers, Hitachi head R&D retiring, drank a beer with a London speaker married to Ozi, discussed equity lending with Korean Gov, met Ozi supposed to meet months ago, French guy with New York business, Indian with advanced enviro tech, Dubai Smart City Assistant General, Chinese Property Fund Manager, UN official for housing. Listened to others, be humble, believe in yourself, believe in others & most of all bring all this knowledge back to Adelaide to help make it Resilient.

A great few days. Great people. Great ideas.

That's just part of it.

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Adelaide needs to grow its Resilience @WCS_16

Whilst at the World Cities Summit it has strengthened the need for Adelaide to become more resilient on the global landscape in key areas such as:

-Health & Wellbeing

-Economy & Society

-Infrastructure & Environment

-Leadership & Strategy

This isn't about technology, it's about how the entire ecosystem survives with shocks. 

Contact PALAMIR if you would like a workshop around resilience as previously delivered to Governments, Councils and International Conferneces.