News Corp strikes high-tech partnership with Adelaide co-working hub Majoran

Recently Majoran and News Corp Australia just inked a deal that will see News Corp a range of sponsorship. Read more on AdelaideNow - SA Business Journal.

"It’s great to give back to a community which has helped me previously. The startup & entrepreneur scene is a vital part of the South Australian fabric and a key pillar in the foundation of SA’s innovation mindset,"says PALAMIR's Founder and Majoran Advisor Peter Karidis.

"News Corp Australia's sponsorship will go a long way to help building the confidence in the startup and innovation sectors in Adelaide."

Areas of support will include collaboration between News Corp and Majoranistas, mentorship opportunities and spreading the good news of Majoranistas that will assist Majoran to publicly show the virtues of co-working.

"We must share the good news stories so others can grow their confidence and realise that there is a strong well connected community which they can learn, develop and succeed from."

The startup and entrepreneurial communities need to know the good work that goes on in Majoran, especially around the collaboration between many of its residents. This good work and collaboration is synonymous of the way things are done in Adelaide. A city that punches above its weight when it comes to leading technologies in health, defence and other arenas.

"There are many good news stories at Majoran from Jemsoft working on leading security image analysis to Voxiebox developing holographic visualisations to InsiderFoundry providing solutions for the international student market to name a few."

Recently SouthStart showcased some of the best entrepreneurs in South Australia exhibiting and pitching their ideas to investors during Entrepreneurs Week. Also a thanks goes to the Sate Government of South Australia via the Department of State Development who have supported Majoran by sponsoring the MEGA program.

PALAMIR's founder is glad to be involved with Majoran and advising Michael Reid. PALAMIR makes sense of Big Data and small data. Working with Health, Government and Enterprise from IoT such as iBeacons to finding deep relationships in social network analysis.