PALAMIR values its partners as more than an alliance, they are a vital link in the chain.

Collaboration is at the core of PALAMIR’s development strategy. Our academic and business alliances are based on the sharing of resources and knowledge together with a mutual commitment towards the success of joint projects. PALAMIR's partnerships foster creativity and productivity, often creating new research and development across seemingly disparate verticals yielding innovative solutions.

Here's just a glimpse of the PALAMIR Alliance Network.

PALAMIR is also the founder and major sponsor of Big Data Adelaide



Leverage our development tools, code examples, APIs, GUIs, and spatial interfaces to develop applications faster or to integrate C7i™ to your product suite.



Offer solutions that bear your business identity and are powered by C7i™. Change the layout of the interfaces or add new features to C7i™ .



Become a C7i™ reseller by adding the product to your business offerings. Obtain marketing support, leverage C7i™ notoriety, and enjoy significant discounts.


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