adelaide to become one of the leading smart cities globalLY


"A SMART CITY is a living breathing organism that evolves everyday. It is resilient." 

Peter Karidis


Cities need to be livable, not just a concrete jungle. They need to be productive, accessible and culturally significant. They need to be ALIVE.

We need to make cities a hive of activity and innovation, so people feel vibrancy and a reason to want to work and live in the cities. The momentum from this can have unprecedented results in the national economy and GDP. 

This means that infrastructure, communication, healthcare, utilities and government pull and push information in multiple directions to drive a better environment and quality of life for residents and city.

PALAMIR C7i™ Smart City Platform helps to manage City Assets or Intelligent Transport Systems with a range of world class integrated technologies from high level Geospatial Awareness to Image Analysis to UV integration to IoT to name a few.

Our practical urban experience stems from generations of property development together with intimate understanding of urban fabrics, of city heartbeats and our knowledge of new world technologies. This places PALAMIR in a very unique position to deliver real world outcomes.

Our association with leading national and global engineering & architectural firms; urban futurists & planners; creatives & thinkers; together with experts in local socio intricacies places us at the forefront of urban fabric understanding and integration.

Our home city of Adelaide (renowned for world class wines and RM Williams !) is now being positioned to be a leader in SMART CITIES globally:

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