The PALAMIR REFINERY™ infographic is just an example of the types of input and outputs we deliver. We use the right tools to deliver the OUTCOMES YOU WANT.

We deliver the Insights that help you build your business, help you keep Government records up to date, help you hone your marketing strategy, provide realtime mission critical information to field officers or track Infectious Disease outbreaks.

Our advanced systems can display your insights on our easy to use Dashboard system or send the information via our iSTREAM™ Technology into a range of your applications be it integrating into your Mobile Platform, your CRM Systems or some other in house system.


The PALAMIR BIG DATA ENGINE uses DATA SHREDDING™ Technology to cleanse, shred, formulate, analyse and make sense of your data within the PALAMIR REFINERY™ Technology Stack.

When it comes to BIG DATA you need to be able to simplify the integration swiftly and easily. Our iSTREAM™ Technology simplifies data source integration far quicker than a team of Data Scientists on a Bullet Train.

Our enterprise systems cover the following:

  • Real-Time Access – Using our iSTREAM™ Technology PALAMIR provides dynamic access to critical data stored on literally any platform in any data structure or system;
  • Operational Data Bank (ODB) – Using an ISA compliance method together with connectors in our analysis data modelling engine, PALAMIR provides the ability to cleanse, shred, transform and present data into PALAMIR's data store, which improves reporting capabilities and efficiencies by reducing impact on production systems;
  • A Common Portal – Using an enterprise portal, PALAMIR provides a simple customizable user interface that is secure and allows varying degree of users to see content based on their roles and permissions;
  • Operational Dashboards – Using an enterprise business intelligence module, PALAMIR provides a wide array of real-time operational dashboards;
  • Standard Reports – PALAMIR provides high standard reports or graphs with drill-down ability.


PALAMIR ... making sense of Big Data