PALAMIR C7i™ Logistics Management systemS


"SMART TRANSPORT brings your fleet alive like a living breathing single organism. It is resilient." Peter Karidis

In competitive logistics markets even the smallest amounts of time mean money. That's why PALAMIR C7i™ can help with real-time fleet feedback for efficiencies and cost savings across a broad range of areas.

A properly implemented Logistics and Telematics solution can boost efficiencies by improving fleet and single vehicle utilization, fuel consumption, driver behaviour and more.

Benefits of the PALAMIR C7i™ Logistics Management system:

  • Increased fleet efficiencies and reduced wear and tear resulting in lower operational costs
  • Route optimisation with improved vehicle utilisation
  • Deliver in-time solutions throughout the supply chain
  • Track vehicles and drivers in real-time and avoid costly fines
  • Identify, monitor, manage and train driver behaviour for team efficiencies
  • Extensive report capabilities - operational, management and KPI's
  • Ability for multiple transport depots to share data across a single platform
  • Create a healthier, more sustainable environment with lower Carbon emission 


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